Pepperbox Revolver WIP 1

The main body. Just needs the hammer and details.


A few crazy mods that made me restart my model…..(a couple versions may be necessary)

24 Barrel Pepperbox Revolver!

This is a French pepperbox revolver from about 1850.  Keep in mind that each one of those 24 barrels must be loaded from the muzzle, so reloading this thing would probably take about 45 minutes.

Trench Knife

we could also flat out use something like this. its a world war I era trench knife, but i feel like for the close quarters war were trying to build, something like this would fit perfectfly.

I wanted to use a french chauchat as my basis for my model. I think the kind of hulking unwieldy features give it a really dated feel. I also want to incorporate multiple barrels in a reference to the gatling gun. I’m also toying around with the idea of casing the barrels in a water jacket, similar to the british vickers machine gun.

3 Barreled Pistol

An example of a modification that we can use to extrapolate for our own customized features:

Gatling Gun

Basic gatling gun (very common):

We’ll probably need more to follow in order to model detail.